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Are you wondering where you can get the best SEO Copywriting Services? Are you having trouble writing your own content? Are you tired of this cheap copywriting services that charge you less but write content that will never rank in search engines? You don’t have to worry anymore; you have just landed at the best place.

In this post we will be going through everything you need to know about SEO copywriting services.

What is SEO Copywriting Services?

SEO copywriting services are the process of writing content that is keyword-optimized in the right way in line with search engine guidelines. The content should be one that Google can understand and index for the right keyword. It should also be able to stand the storms of the ever changing algorithms.

The content should be appealing to users/site visitors; by that I mean the type of content that will engage the reader from the first word to the last word, one that will trigger people’s emotions and interest making then want to read to the end, link to and share.

Who Are SEO Copywriters and What Do They Do?

SEO copywriters are the highly trained, qualified and experienced magicians responsible for producing engaging text for different advertising channels like websites, catalogs, info graphics and print ads.

Their key-duties are, and not limited to, researching keywords, writing well thought and written content, and proofreading their work for accuracy and quality so as to rank high in search engines.

Can I Just Copy and Paste Content From Other Websites?

The simple answer is NO! Over the years Google has been continuously working on their algorithm to improve the results they present to the user in every search. By that Google gives priority to the content that was posted first.

So, if you copy and paste content from other site, Google crawlers will see your content as a copy of the original post. This means that your content will never be ranked and therefore will be as good as dead content.

By getting the best copywriting services from us you can be sure that the content we deliver will be unique and will rank highly in searches.

How Many Times Should My Focus Keyword Appear in My Copy for It to Rank High?

The number of times a keyword appeared in an article was very important in the past. Unfortunately people took advantage of this whereby the were “keyword stuffing” the articles hence creating poor content and bad user experience.

Due to that Google did an algorithm update which gives priority to content which observes the right keyword distribution guidelines and de-ranking content that are stuffed with keywords. For this reason it’s the high time you got the best SEO copywriting services from our team of experienced copywriters.

How Long Should a Well Optimized Blog Post or Website Page Content Be?

The answer to this question is not certain; In Google’s Quality Guidelines, it is not mentioned anywhere the exact minimum or maximum word count for a content to index or rank better than the other.

However, from the data we have collected from the many years we have been writing articles and other reliable resources; show that the articles that perform better in ranking and search results are articles with between 1500 and 2000 words.

Never the less, understanding the niche in which you are writing content for is very important in knowing the word count you should use in your article.

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What to Expect by Getting SEO Copyright Services From AberSEO?

AberSEO copyright services will:

      • Deliver content that connects with your target audience.
      • Deliver content that improves your online organic search visibility.
      • Deliver interactive content that drives traffic to your website.
      • Help you convert your users or site visitors into important leads to your business.
      • Help your company or business get identified as the authority in your industry.

What we implement:

      • Your focus keyword phrase will be fully integrated in the content following Google’s best practice.
      • We ensure that the content has zero percent keyword stuffing.
      • We make sure that your content has originality and is unique.
      • Your website content will be optimized.
      • We streamline your content strategy to make the site interesting.

Qualities of a Good Website Copy

Educative to the Reader

A good website copy should be able to educate the customer or user about your products, industry, business, services and the brand.

A great SEO copy will stand out from the millions of article in search engines. It is able to attract and drive qualified leads to your site because it is informative and users get value from it. Any content users find valuably they will want to share with friends and family.

This means more visitors to your site. Google loves to see this and will want to show your content to more people. The end result is so obvious! This will also drastically improve your ranking in search results.

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Increase the Click Through Rate and Conversion

Great website copy will keep the reader hooked and wanting to read more and also want to go through your site to see what other good content you have for them to read. This keeps the reader on your site for a longer period reducing the bounce back rate. This is something Google loves seeing and will greatly reword you for that.

A great copy is able to educate customers about your product, its benefits and product descriptions. This information can highly increase the conversion rate in your website. By having great content about the products or services you offer, you will be able to earn trust from your customers and get so many new and returning customers.

At AberSEO we have the best SEO copywriting services. Our team of experts will be able to write content that will engage your visitors, remove any doubts they could be having about the product or service, hence, leading to increased conversion rate.

Why AberSEO for Your SEO Copywriting Services Needs?

You Are Assured to Get 100% Original Content

Our team of experienced writers understand perfectly well that for any content to be ranked high in search results, the content has to be fresh, up to date and original. Knowing that, our team will always do an in-depth and thorough research into the topic of your content.

This is not only to ensure that the content is 100% original but also makes sure that it is engaging and informative to the reader; All this also helps rank the article high in search results.

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Best SEO Copywriting Services Writers in the Industry

By getting SEO copywriting services from us be sure that your content is being worked on by some of the few experts in the SEO copywriting industry. Our team of experts comprises of highly skilled and experienced writers who all have academic qualifications to back up their industry knowledge.

Actually, all writers in our team are hand-picked from the best and they all have a Bachelor of Science (BSc) or higher; We also make sure to get the ones who have at least three years of professional experience in content writing.

SEO Optimized Content

When we talk about SEO optimized content, we mean content that can be found in the search engine, content that follows all Google’s recommendation for good content and content that ranks high in search.

You must have found it hard to rank content at the top positions in search; well, this is a common problem faced by many webmasters. The problem is that some of the cheap SEO copywriting service providers work on stuffing the content with keywords instead of understanding the search intent and working on delivering what the reader needs.

Most webmasters don’t put enough effort into making sure that they are optimized for SEO – they think that they can cram content with as many keywords as possible and the rest will take care of itself.

Well that is a wrong approach because Google has been working to improve algorithms that actually penalize content that uses this keyword strategy instead on a well SEO optimized content.

The problem with getting penalized for these mistakes is that it can take some time to recover from the effects of being penalized; which in most cases is drastic reduction of traffic to your site.

This is something I’m very sure you don’t want happening to your website, right? Our team of professional writers create compelling content that is readable and engaging the user, answers users’ questions and tries to solve their problems – which ensures high rankings.

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Professionally Edited and Proofread Content

In a website that has content that is never edited and proofread, you are likely to identify spelling and grammar errors. Never take these errors lightly because they can really affect your site from a user experience point of view.

Having spelling and grammar errors makes you/your site look unprofessional hence reducing the amount of trust a user/visitor to your website may have gained.

It is obvious now that you want to have error free content in your website – Our editors double-check your content to ensure correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. We also allow you to request revisions where necessary.

Compelling and Engaging Content

For content to rank high it must discourage bounce back rate and it should encourage click through rate. What do I mean by that? What I mean is that your content should be compelling and engaging so that actual humans/users will want to read to the last word and even possibly follow links to other content in your site.

Great content that is compelling to users in most cases they will want to link to it and share it. Google loves this and will automatically rank your content very high in searches – if not position 1.

In most cases writers write content aimed at maximizing on SEO yet forgetting about the reader which is very wrong.

At AberSEO, we say “CONTENT IS KING.” We understand perfectly well that with good content you can achieve a lot from your website. Our writers will always have the user first in mind and also the search intent.

They write content that is meant for humans to read and not just for search engines. Our writers will always put themselves in the users’ shoes; understand what the user needs, what they expect and what will relate and solve their needs. This content writing approach has seen our clients get more visitors to their websites, high ranking in searches and increased conversion rate.

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working with us

The 4 main stages of working with us

1. The first and most important step is to get in touch with us and let us know what type of SEO content you need us to produce.

2. Get a chance to work with our team of professionals. You will be taken care of by real people who are just interested in your success as much as you are.

3. Confirm the content types that you want us to write and the specific topics for your content you want us to cover. This helps us to create a detailed invoice for you. You can then pay via the various payment methods we provide.

4. Once we have completed your content order, we will send it to you giving room for any revision to be done if need be.


Now that we have gone through the qualities needed for good content, what makes content rank high and how great content is important in increasing conversion – it is now the high time you got in touch with us for us to handle all your SEO copywriting service’s needs. It’s the high time we helped you get to page 1 and to the top position in search engines.

Our 24/7 customer service will work with you from the first stage when you get in touch with us to the last stage where we deliver what you ordered and even exceed your expectations. We are interested in your success as much as you are. By working with us I assure you will be among our success stories and returning customers. What are we waiting for! Contact us and let’s get to work.

Let's work together!