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Digital marketing has become an extremely useful and important tool for both small business and big companies, allowing them to be known by potential clients not being limited for different factors, as an example, the geographic one or the evolution of the people’s needs but taking advantage of it all and also, giving businesses the opportunity to evolve, and create a more approachable concept, changing the dynamics and creating a better experience for the customers.

The way digital marketing has evolved has made it a lot more varied, complex and fascinating for business brands everywhere as they have to constantly reinvent themselves in order to stand out in an ever-increasing, competitive digital work. And this is why that there are new challenges that arise every single day in the market.

With the constant evolution of the world, technologies and the way people communicate and interact, it becomes necessary to develop new strategies that allow entrepreneurs and businesses to stay visible in the market for the customers. Therefore, there are multiple tools available that with the correct strategy will bring the best results possible for your business, regardless if it is a small one or a big company.

One of those tools is no other than Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO. Making it simple, it is the process of improving a determinate site in order to increase its visibility when people use search engines like Google to look for products or services related to your business. The better visibility a site or page has in search results, the more likely it is to get the attention of prospective and existing customers.

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How Seo Works and Why It Is So Important?

Search engines have the tendency of using bots to crawl pages on the web, going from one site to another, collecting their information and putting it in an index. But let’s see a specific case: Google owns a particular work dynamic when it comes to doing searches. The results shown every time a search is made are no other than a stored copy of all the sites that Google discovered, not being a search done live at the moment the request is typed on the search bar, as many may think; which is called Google Index.

Through small programs that crawl the web’s content, then they store it in Google’s server is how the index is built. These programs, named “spiders” constantly work at an incredibly and mind-blowing scale, crawling millions of pages at an extremely fast pace, ensuring the index is kept as up to date as possible and new connections and sites are discovered quickly.

SEO relevance in the digital marketing world comes with the fact that people start millions of search per week, most of the times with the intention to find information about a product or service. Studies have revealed that search is, mostly, the primary source of digital traffic for brands and complement other marketing channels and strategies.

Like it was previously mentioned, the most visible a business is, the more chances they have to reach their potential customer, obtaining better results than the competition. If a business wants to be found, they need to be indexed on major search engines and get ranked highly.

Nowadays, this is an intrinsic part of the world of digital marketing and online promotion cannot be fully achieved without relying on this particular skill, which is something that is becoming a lot more prominent as the years go by and it will continue to do so in the coming years.

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What Are Seo Services and Why Are They Needed?

After briefly explaining what is SEO and how it works, it is important to know that SEO services are often provided by agencies or free agents, also known as freelancers, who are experts in all aspects of SEO, offering services that intend to increase visibility and organic search traffic to websites.

It is important to keep in mind that this is a very competitive industry, with a lot of demand as a consequence of the easy access to the mass communication technology available for the people in general.

As an example, we can use the fast-food industry to explain this last point in a much more specific and clear manner. If a potential costumer search online for a pizza delivery from their work place, this strategy will allow them to obtain information about business near them offering this service, but if the search is done from a different location, in the opposite side of the city, the results obtained will show the costumer a totally different range of options taking into consideration that a costumer will most likely find useful a pizza delivery service located nearby them.

That is just a simple example, but it is important to keep in mind that search engines, such like Google, rely on more than two hundred factors when it comes to determinate the ranking of a website on a search, this requiring a considerable amount of experience and expertise on the subject in order to succeed. This being the reason why businesses’ owners look forward to partner and work with an experienced provider for the service.

How to Choose Best Seo Service Provider?

Platforms such as Google have developed and launched, throughout the years, thousands of guides and courses to make it easier to learn about all these matters. Yet, in Google’s Beginner SEO documentation in the platform Search Central they expose:

“Your prospective SEO should be able to give you realistic estimates of improvement, and an estimate of the work involved. If they guarantee you that their changes will give you first place in search results, find someone else.”

Also warning businesses owners, noting that no one can guarantee a number one ranking on Google, therefore recommending to beware of SEO services providers that claim to guarantee rankings.

But the truth is that you can’t give any kind of guarantee about something you can’t control. Not even Google employees know for sure how sites will rank, let alone people outside the company, this because algorithms are in constant change.

Yet, SEO services provides have uncovered multiple factors thanks to the research and the experience. Of course, and like it would happen on any other field, some SEO professionals tend to be better, more skilled and more experienced than others, this influencing their ability to determinate what is needed to rank, and make the changes considered needed as a consequence.


Nevertheless, it is easy to find companies or service providers that offer guaranteed search engine ranking, this by using techniques, known as black hat tactics, that aim to trick the search engine’s algorithms. This kind of tactics and the companies that provide them are not allowed by search engines like Google, resulting in penalties from the companies that may hurt the client’s ranking or ban them from showing up in search results at all.

This is something to keep an eye on: if a SEO provider is offering and promising fast results, they are probably using black hat tactics, especially if they offer these results in a short term. SEO is, necessarily, a long term strategy and a site usually will not see major changes immediately.

A lot of businesses and brands as a whole want to achieve results here and now, but the reality is that the best results take time, effort and a proper process, which is something worth keeping in mind when hiring a SEO provider: if they are offering you the moon and beyond, they are most likely just smoke and mirrors to get your money.

Another red flag when choosing your business SEO provider is when they, not only try to trick the client with promises but also in order to allegedly obtain these results, they insist on choosing the keywords themselves. Even though this would allow them to select the keywords that would be easier to rank for, these could end up not being genuinely beneficial for the site, due that it won’t bring the right traffic.

You, as a client, need to reach not all the people in the world but determine the target audience, according to many factors such as the product or service the business is offering, the geographical location, etc. In some opportunities, SEO providers in order to save money, time and resources, would use the same strategy for all the clients or at least most of them. Yet, this resource does not show the desired results by using the same template or strategy for all the websites.


Standardized strategies are the biggest red flag for a business owner. This is a very competitive industry that grows daily, and in order to get the chance to even get beneficial results, the strategy to apply has to meet some standards and details. In fewer words, every strategy has to be customized, and respond to the business needs.

The world of digital marketing is very individualistic, with every brand having their own sets of virtues, flaws and characteristics as a whole, which is why that any SEO service provider has to adjust to said brand in order to get the most out of it. It is a very notorious red flag if they don’t.

Like it has been mentioned before, there are plenty of aspects to be taken into consideration when it comes to choosing the SEO service provider that will adjust and satisfy the needs of your business. Some of these factors are experience, their proposal of strategies, references, budget and management of different tools, keeping in mind there are multiple tools available that would help to improve the results of the strategy.

That Is When Our Agency, AberSEO, Comes Up

We are a digital marketing agency located in the United Kingdom but regardless of our location, we provide services for our clients all around the world. Even though we are available and our team is capable to work on multiple areas, we specialize on SEO services, PPC, web and brand design, taking advantage of our knowledge and experience to maximize our client’s presence on the web and their potential.
In AberSEO Agency we like to develop our client’s strategies around objectives that are established using and taking into consideration multiple factors, including data analysis, this in order not only to design a strategy with the most accurate possible, but also with the intention to give periodical reports, monitoring, and showing realistics, trustful and meaningful results.
In order to offer our clients the best of the experiences, impulse their businesses through accurate digital marketing strategies while to give them sustainable growth and deliver tangible transformation, it is required to have certain qualities such as experience, creativity, expertise, time and a very detailed planning process. This is why we have built a very talented and passionate team, with collaboratives that will not stop until the best possible strategy, with innovation.
Throughout the years we have been able to create a very large portfolio of clients, working with big companies all around the world, this leading to be positioned as one of the biggest and most respected digital marketing agencies on the internet.
Among the services available for our clients we offer: website design services, social media management, PPC services, SEO services, local SEO services and reputation management services.
Our extended list of services, along with an extraordinary, professional and dedicated teamwork, as well as our experience and reputation, combined all together results on one of the most ideal options available out there for businesses to improve their presence on the digital world, being given the chance to obtain not only the best results possible and achieve the goals, but also to get sustainable results.
To us, every client is a world full of chances to create and innovate, looking forward to making constant changes in the digital marketing field, by working with passion and dedication, our goal as a team is to improve the way customers see our clients and making this whole process organic without leaving aside statistics.

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